About the Website

For the longest time, it was a frustration to me that when someone looks up the word “beethead” in a search engine, the first result is an UrbanDictionary definition that reads like this:

A hypocritical mind
Someone who is malleable
A person who is unable to reflect

When I had first started this blog, the site name was GenerationTheGreat. I was younger and full of ambition, naive ambition as it was. I saw the need for strong community, so I set out to create it. But things fell through. It didn’t really work, it didn’t catch people’s attention, it didn’t inspire anyone. I was at a bloggers conference when I was confronted with the thought that my website was more pretentious than productive.

A few weeks prior, I had been working in my father’s garden when I spotted an overgrown and flowering beet plant. I thought it looked cool, and I had thrown together a piece of art to use as a header image for a series I was running on GtG called “Planthead” – a commentary on culture in the Pacific Northwest. As I was sitting in that presentation hall at the bloggers conference with my open laptop, I immediately changed up my whole website. That was the end of GenerationTheGreat and the beginning of Beethead Media.

However, it wasn’t uncommon that I came face to face with the realization that, as I was publishing articles, I was writing about things that I didn’t rightly understand or comprehend. As I paged through past articles, I realized how I was growing as an individual towards a more merciful, more peaceful, and more loving worldview – God’s worldview – and it became difficult to reconcile the things I had been writing. I felt a little like an idiot – a beethead, if you will.

I stopped writing for a long time. But I think, for me, freedom of speech lies in being comfortable with Beethead Media. God’s truth shines through even in untruth. God’s truth shines through everything.

This is a website where I post my thoughts and meditations on the things of the day. A pretty standard blog format, as it is, but I hope that you find what I write to be of some benefit to you.

Peace be with you. – Ben Nanke

About the Author

Ben Nanke is a resident of Salem, Oregon. He enjoys performing and listening to music, hiking in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, and being with people.


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