Better To Speak Truth or Live Truth?

In my last post, I talked a little bit about the merits of criticism and judgment. Reading comments that others have shared and just taking some time to meditate on this over the course of the day, I feel like I have a little more to talk about with this one.

Like I said before, I think that it’s a bit naive to say that there isn’t wrong in the world, in the same way that, feeling ill, it would be naive to say “I don’t have pneumonia” until one is bedridden and debilitated. Sometimes something is genuinely wrong, and it needs to be addressed. I think the crux of the matter of criticism lies in the motive.

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The Light Bulb Has Been Banned

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” – John 1:5

On the precipice of New Years Day, in the first hours of the year of our Lord, 2014 as fireworks lit up the sky and neon lit up the streets, one last assembly line inside one last factory stopped. It was a 19th century innovation that changed the world with a little glass and a little metal. A twisted thread around a translucent globe, containing one fine wire filament – an invention that first brought controlled, lasting light to the earth – the light bulb.

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